A Mother can solely be responsible for the non-existent  self-esteem of girls, self harm and the general moral decay of society! Over the top? Maybe a little, but I hate it how magazines and the media in general seem to be blamed for these things and no-one appears to challenge this view at all. We believe it to be true because yet again, there’s some gorgeous, air brushed beauty on the cover of a magazine apparently causing us to question our life’s purpose on this planet! Arghhh! Please!! In my case at least my mother was more responsible for being harmful to my self-esteem and self-image than any glossy ‘Dolly’ magazine (loved those by the way)! My mother DID kill my self-esteem.


I would disagree with this opinion whole heartedly for a few various reasons.  Firstly because it’s just plain bull shit to think a picture of a pretty skinny girl is going to make me top myself, cut myself or make me  hide under my doona forever. Who comes up with this stuff?

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