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FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT vision board for weight loss




I’m sure you guys have been around long enough to have heard of the law of attraction. You may have even read the book from Rhonda Byrne ‘The Secret’. Do you think any of that will actually help you lose weight? Is there any value in a vision board for weight loss?  Vision boards come about along the same principles of the law of attraction, so I think it’s important to just have a brief recap on its principle.

One of my missions in this blog is to dissect everything that has a remote possibility of helping us in this weight loss journey.  I could be described as an over analyser, but if I do it then you don’t have to!

I also tend to harp on about weight loss is a lot more than calories in calories out. The nutrition and exercise part of losing weight is almost easy compared to the mental and emotional side. A vision board for weight loss might be a good tool to use for your emotional well-being but you have got to make sure you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot doing one.






vision board for weight loss



In simple terms this means whatever you focus on basically multiplies.  The belief is if you focus on negative things then that is what you always ‘see’.  We all have people in our lives where they see the negative in everything! How do you feel when you’ve been with them? Depressed? That’s not surprising at all. Some people are always having a bad day! I know someone who whines about the weather ALL the time.

There is something bad about any sort of weather;

⇒ If it’s sunny, they could get sunburnt

⇒ If it’s hot they could get heat stroke

⇒ If its raining they’ll get wet and die of pneumonia

⇒ If its windy they’ll get dirt in their eyes

and the list goes on!

How do you feel when you’re around happy, smiling people? Even if you were feeling down, your mood is likely to improve. Surrounding yourself with supportive healthy eating and exercising people will definitely help you do the same. If you hang out with people who just like to eat pizza and watch NCIS, hmm, not so good for you. If however you got yourself a vision board for weight loss purposes it might be more helpful.





vision board for weight loss





 I want you to take a look at the above pic. It’s the one I’ve had on my fridge for a very long time. It was my version of a vision board for weight loss!  You often hear about stick a picture or photo on the fridge and it will help motivate you.  That’s what I was trying to do.  In my case, it didn’t work!

That’s  my face on the pic by the way and that is the body I WANT! Every time I looked at it though I didn’t fist pump the air and yell ‘yes you can do it’! I looked at the picture and scoffed! ‘As if you can ever look like that’!


Vision boards are also called inspiration, motivation or mood boards but they are the same thing. Visualising yourself fit and trim is part of the idea.  I’m not about to go into all the nitty-gritty ways you can go off and do that. Here’s a good post I found on ‘MINDBODYGREEN’ on it though.



This picture on my fridge was having the exact opposite effect than what I wanted and needed. The one thing we all need to remember is that if you are going to use the law of attraction and vision boards you have to focus on how it makes you FEEL. Here’s another great post I found on how to make a vision board.

At the risk of sounding like a therapist, how does it make you feel?  If the answer is crap then you have to change it.  I think most of us distract ourselves enough these days  and we don’t allow ourselves to feel ‘bad’ for too long. The minute you feel like shit you can always look down at your phone and become absorbed in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. or worse, eat another bag of chips!

In my case I looked at that pic, thought why bother, and over ate anyway. If you are going to use a vision board or put a pic of something on your fridge to motivate you, make sure it actually does!





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