I love nothing more than having a nice hot coffee in the morning and several throughout the day. Sometimes I wonder if it’s that good for me and maybe I should cut down. Maybe even give it up? I hear green tea is good for weightloss but I really really love my long black!  I’m hoping that the 5 long blacks a day I have are helping my metabolism or at least not doing me any harm.  But what does this popular drink actually do to our bodies and does it have any significant effect on metabolism and weight loss? Read on to find out for sure!


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The more you look around on the internet the more you come across a lot of information about nutrition and different types of diets. Just when you think you know everything about low carb, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc you come across ‘ketogenic diet’! Now what the heck is that all about? I start to feel like people are just making stuff up just to put online and confuse me!


Well stay tuned I’m about to break it down and explain it simply so you know exactly what a ketogenic diet is and figure out if its something you would want to try.


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There is a lot to do and organise over Christmas, that often the efforts to lose weight go on the back-burner. That’s because it doesn’t come as naturally for the overweight and it requires a lot of focus. There’s only so much you can focus on and it’s just so much easier to not worry about avoiding the carbs, going to the gym, not eating junk food or whatever you find works for you.


So how about a different attitude, that will take all the stress out of worrying about weight gain this Christmas. Let’s not focus on avoiding anything. Let’s not focus on eating healthy or even focus on losing weight at all. How about you focus on simply NO weight gain this Christmas! Just keeping it level until all social commitments, and everything else you have to do, has gone back to normal. Let’s work with our human weakness of temptation of all yummy foods and just aim to focus on losing weight AFTER Christmas. Maybe even after New Year. Decide on when you’re going to get back to losing weight and stick to it. In the meantime follow my best 5 steps to keep you at your current weight (and not a gram more) until that date.


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