Did you overeat over Christmas? If trying to retain some sort of healthy eating completely failed for you, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. 

As a I write this, it is several days after New year’s day. I am trying not to think about how much food I have actually consumed over the last couple of weeks, maybe you feel the same.

I use the term ‘food’ loosely as most I’ve what I’ve eaten has just been crap! Meaning highly processed food with minimal nutritional value! Arrggghh! Needless to say I feel crap! I feel bloated, lethargic and haven’t been sleeping well either. Not the best start to the new year at all. 


A few weeks ago I wrote about ways to navigate this season and how to NOT overeat! If you missed it, here it is. It can apply for any occasion really. If you actually follow the steps, its fairly fool proof.


Unfortunately, it still requires more effort than just blindly eating whatever looks good and is put in front of you. In the last week especially I have been guilty of doing this. Its something about the structure of my days going out the window, together with my healthy eating intentions! It’s not easy though. Everywhere we went choices for low carb/processed food was practically non-existent. And as you know, if I eat just a little of anything carb, there is a domino effect and I am likely to overeat like pac man!




overeat over christmas




Check out some of the ‘food’ still in my pantry  leftover from the new year’s day bbq I hosted! I feel the need to throw it all in the bin (tomorrow is rubbish day) but I can’t quite bring myself to do it! On one hand I want to devour it all and THEN start my ‘back on track’ eating! And my other option is to let my kids and stepkids at it. That last option making me feel very hypocritical as I always go on about how crap this sort of stuff is. Yes I know, eating crap every now and then won’t hurt but is that true? Would I let them have a puff or two of a cigarette? Surely that won’t hurt either? Where do you draw the line? I know they have had their fair share of crappy food every other week when they’re not with me (the other parents are not junk food Nazis like me).






Decide on a ‘back on track’ day. For me, it was going to be the 2nd of January because traditionally I hold a big family bbq New year’s day, and nothing will prevent me from soft white bread and bbq sausages! Typical of me, I always over cater (it must be a Greek thing). I have tons of food left over but I decided on the 2nd and that was that! Just think about what is going on in your schedule and plan accordingly.




Throw out EVERYTHING that does not fit into your healthy eating plan! If you’re ok with packets of chips sitting in your pantry, fine. But if they’re going to be calling your name when you sit on the couch tonight CHUCK THEM OUT! Don’t feel guilty about the starving kids in Ethiopia. You are not throwing out nutritious food but processed well marketed crap designed to be addictive!



Put structure back into your day. Its school holidays, and for most of us mums that puts  a big spanner in the  works! I become the most disorganised person on the planet simply because I don’t actually have to get up and get kids to school! My day job involves shift work so it’s not like I have to get up for a 9-5 job regardless. Having kids to take to school kept my schedule on the straight and narrow!

Some people hate having to get kids organised but I love it! It means I can be completely ready by 9 o’clock to work on this blog or get to chores and errands! In school holidays, I’m lucky if I drag myself out of bed by 9 o’clock! So get back into some routine similar to a ‘normal’ time of the year!

Get yourself and the kids in bed at a  ‘reasonable’ hour and then set your alarm in the morning as usual. If the kids are sleeping in, bonus! You have some quiet time, even if it’s facebooking, checking emails or just reading a good book! Ideally you could be going out for a nice hour walk before it gets too hot in the day and you’d be back by the time everyone is getting up!



Plan your meals, snacks and exercise! It doesn’t have to be complicated! Stay away from processed food and exercise everyday. If that sounds too hard then just eat everything you normally would but just halve the portion. It is the easiest way to not overeat. I lost 20 kilos doing just that! Even if it’s just walking (check out this post ). You don’t have to join a gym but if that’s what going to help motivate you, then go join a gym!




Find a great blog  you relate to (hopefully this one!) about nutrition and read it consistently!  Get motivated and busy and you’ll be less likely to overeat rubbish because you’re bored or just not getting anywhere anyway! If you’re going to be on your phone anyway, then follow said blogs Instagram/Facebook for daily reminders and motivation to get and stay healthy! Consistency is what you need.  Learn the ins and outs or just keep it basic. I try to give simple information that you can go off and look into deeper if you choose to. I often add links that explain things in much more detail for those who need more information. In the meantime keep reading about nutrition and educate yourself! Learn then do!








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Merry Christmas



I know we say this every year, but where did the time go? I hope you all feel like you’ve accomplished a few things as we wind up to the end of the year and getting ready for a very Merry Christmas.

For me, like everyone really, life is an ongoing journey so I try not to feel like I should have done more or less or different. We change and grow as time goes on (hopefully)!

I’d like to take this post to thank everyone who has read my blog this year as I started it from scratch. I hope you will stick around and learn more about trying to achieve a healthy weight. For those of you who don’t know, I’m now studying for an Advanced certificate of Nutrition and Health, specialising in Healthy Body Weight. I cant wait to share what I learn with you, and hopefully give you more tools to help you on your quest for that healthy weight!

In the meantime, I’m taking a little break from my computer to spend time with the family, otherwise my kids will just become one with the playstation!




Hoping for a new post on the 10th January where we can tackle some more fun and games with out weight! Now remember you don’t have to stack on the kilos just because its Christmas. If you missed my post on maintaining weight over the Christmas holidays check it out here for some inspiration.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I will see you all after the festivities die down.


Dee xx


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There is a lot to do and organise over Christmas, that often the efforts to lose weight go on the back-burner. That’s because it doesn’t come as naturally for the overweight and it requires a lot of focus. There’s only so much you can focus on and it’s just so much easier to not worry about avoiding the carbs, going to the gym, not eating junk food or whatever you find works for you.


So how about a different attitude, that will take all the stress out of worrying about weight gain this Christmas. Let’s not focus on avoiding anything. Let’s not focus on eating healthy or even focus on losing weight at all. How about you focus on simply NO weight gain this Christmas! Just keeping it level until all social commitments, and everything else you have to do, has gone back to normal. Let’s work with our human weakness of temptation of all yummy foods and just aim to focus on losing weight AFTER Christmas. Maybe even after New Year. Decide on when you’re going to get back to losing weight and stick to it. In the meantime follow my best 5 steps to keep you at your current weight (and not a gram more) until that date.


Read more, it’s just getting interesting

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