Did you overeat over Easter? I did. My intentions were all so good! I had it all figured out. I wasn’t going to have any chocolate and was just going to eat as healthy as possible at home or out with friends or family. Chocolates for my nephews, I had bought well in advance so wasn’t tempted by last minute easter chocolate specials. I was working in the lead up, so there was no time to drop by the shops for anything as I had been super organised and done all the shopping ahead of time.


But unfortunately the downfall was getting on those damn scales! How often should one weigh themselves? Well, I was doing it everyday and as soon as those scales dont budge or go up a bit, that’s it. I throw in the towel, throw a tantrum and go eat something. Cause, what’s the point?? This really is not the frame of mind to be in. If you’ve not read my post on how often to weigh yourself, you can read it here. and in the meantime here are my best tips for getting back on track!

Read more, it’s just getting interesting

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