The more you look around on the internet the more you come across a lot of information about nutrition and different types of diets. Just when you think you know everything about low carb, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc you come across ‘ketogenic diet’! Now what the heck is that all about? I start to feel like people are just making stuff up just to put online and confuse me!


Well stay tuned I’m about to break it down and explain it simply so you know exactly what a ketogenic diet is and figure out if its something you would want to try.


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Over the years, like I’m sure you have, I’ve read a ton of weight loss books, articles and in the last few years many many things on the internet. As I have always been interested in food and weight loss in general. I always read pretty much everything I can get my hands on.

Sometimes there is such an influx of information out there you just don’t know where to start! I have just compiled a list of my favourite weight loss books that I recommend you read.

Over the years I  have slowly built up my knowledge and opinions based on experience and what I have read. I usually put into practise whatever weight loss books I read and figure it out for myself. It has been a long journey so far and it continues!!

weight loss books





One of the first weight loss books I remember reading was ‘Fit For Life’ by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond . This was back when I was a teenager in the ‘80’s. My sister had actually bought the book which I inevitably got my hands on and read. I don’t remember a lot about it other than it talked about eating fruit at certain parts of the day. You can read whether fruit can be fattening in this post here.

Eating or not eating fruits at any time of the day wasn’t my problem back then. I had pocket-money I spent at the school canteen which included sausage rolls in buttered rolls with an iced coffee!

The book didn’t do anything to significantly change what I was doing but it got the ball rolling on my obsession to read everything in sight.

weight loss books



I have always been a Dr Phil fan. I love his no bullshit attitude. It reminds me a little of myself and I think some tough love sometimes goes a long way compared to the arty farty ‘how does it make you feel’ approach. So of course when he wrote the weight loss book ‘The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution’, I jumped on it. I loved it and devoured it. The real take home message for me was simple. Time will pass anyway. So are you going to get healthier by the end of the next 12 months or stay the same unhealthy weight? The time will pass anyway! I really related to that because I always felt I had a lot of weight to lose, and it was going to take soooo long! When I got around the fact that time moves regardless I felt motivated!

weight loss books



This has become one of my favourite  weight loss books even though it’s not about weight loss! You lose weight by default!  After I met my (second) husband and we moved in together, I got on this bandwagon. We had been to a doctor about one of the kids ‘snottiness’ all the time and she suggested maybe it was a reaction/allergy to food. She recommended the book ‘Fed Up’ by Sue Dengate to help figure it out. Wow! What an eye opener to the chemicals in our foods! Read about some weight gain causing  additives here!

I was now living with 6 kids, ages ranging from 5 to 12 and I was putting theses suggestion into practise! Of course 6 kids was always going to be a handful but I didn’t need them bouncing around on flavours colours and preservatives!  It made a hell of a difference. The kids now range from 13 to 18 and we still try to abide by the principles as much as possible. It has become easier as I continue to eliminate processed crap from our everyday life. It hasn’t come without whingeing and bitching (and that’s just from the in-laws) but I know my family is healthier for it and I’m not here to make friends over the health of my family!

weight loss books



One of the first weight loss books that I think that really made a difference was the ‘Body Trim’ programme by Geoff Jowett.  I remember ordering it after seeing the advertisement for it. It was such an intriguing ad. What was this secret I didn’t know about?? I was stumped. I ordered it just to figure that out. Boy, was I disappointed.


I think I skimmed a little of the book and then promptly stored the whole programme away in a cupboard somewhere. Here was this body building guy telling me the secret to losing weight was not eating bread! I was mortified! What a dick! What do you mean I couldn’t have a sandwich for lunch??  That was in 2010. A couple of years after that I had lost about 20 kilos on my own by simply halving my portions of everything I wanted to eat and walking for an hour every day. Unfortunately I still had weight to lose that I couldn’t budge no matter what I tried. I think for about 3 months or more I weighed the same. I don’t know how I didn’t just give up!

Another ad for the ‘Body Trim’ programme got my attention and it was dusted off. I read the ‘Body Trim  book cover to cover and watched all the dvds. This time I was willing to give it a go. I had amazing results and dropped another 10 kilos in no time. It is about eating more protein and less processed carbs which is what I swear by now and what I continue to stalk on the internet. The fact was I was eating miniscule amounts of protein and still eating lots of carbs in comparison. You can read about my favourite protein snacks here. I had dropped weight from reducing portions but that wasn’t enough. I highly recommend ‘Body Trim’!

weight loss books




Fast forward a couple of years later, I’ve reverted to old habits (for reasons still being analysed) but my obsession regarding nutrition and weight loss continues!  Since starting this blog I’ve scoured other blogs and websites and have learnt sooo much more. Following on from Geoff’s ‘Body Trim’ principles I have stalked the low carb theory. In the process I have come across Dr William Davis and his Wheat belly website. I totally recommend, if you don’t nothing else with the information here in this post, you just visit his site. It is a real eye opener.

Lets just say I think I’ve been the dick eating grain based foods!  It’s called a cookbook but to me it has become   one of the most eye opening weight loss books I have come across!  I now base most of my family’s meals on this weight loss book. There is an abundance of recipes in this book and other blogs that you will not want for anything. The food is sometimes so delicious I’m always in the kitchen making something for the kids.

Weetbix, Just Right and Sultana Bran have disappeared (more whingeing and bitching) but the almond flour bread, grainless granola and egg muffins are taking off! They also make great snacks for after school! You’ll find out some interesting facts on gluten and grains here!

So there you have it. A small list of my favourite weight loss books, which directly or indirectly have helped me lose weight. Do you have any favourites you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!








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If you’re always busy, like most women these days you know it can be quite difficult to juggle everything in your life. One thing that probably often gets put on the back burner is quality time with your husband or partner! Trying to organise a date night can be a challenge!

For me it does just seem to be the easiest thing to let go of when you have a demanding job AND children AND you’re trying to run a household! But having said that,  spending time with your partner IS very important for your relationship and should not be put on the back burner!

In my case, my husband and I are happily divorced from previous spouses.  Lucky for us, we actually get some child free time when the kids are on the ‘dark side’!  Read on to find out my top ideas for a date WITHOUT eating!

Read more, it’s just getting interesting

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