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Are You Taking Weight Loss Advice From Someone Who Has Never NEEDED To Lose Weight?


Are you taking weight loss advice from people who have never been overweight? Don’t get me wrong about people like Michelle Bridges.  She obviously has an athletic body but what would she know about being obese and needing to shed many many kilos?  Clearly she understands how to maintain her body but is that enough for the rest of us?


It really grinds my gears when overweight people perceive others as ‘experts’ in a field, when the truth of the matter is they probably have no frigging idea  whatsoever!  We look up to these people, buy their books, and watch their shows believing everything that comes out of their mouths.  Would you take advice from Donald Trump or Paris Hilton on how to live frugally? When were they poor? Get my drift?



Michelle Bridges & Tiffiny Hall Fat?


Read more, it’s just getting interesting

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