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Do you hate exercise? If you’re anything like me you just hate getting hot and sweaty and hot and bothered? Well, have you ever thought of doing yoga? On and off it occurs to me that I should give it a go. As I’m on a mission to lose weight, I know exercise is a must. What about yoga? Here are 3 good reasons to choose yoga as part of your weight loss strategy.




It’s the middle of summer here in Australia, so it’s easy to get hot and bothered walking to the letterbox! Walking is a great form of exercise as any level of fitness will do. Catch up on my post listing all the things great about walking right here. I am after an exercise that will also help with toning and strengthening without joining a gym. Because of this I’m looking at starting some yoga and have done some research. The last thing I want to be doing is a form of exercise that is not going to benefit me in losing weight!


Good news people! Yoga is just the thing for the following reasons




As yoga is a form of relaxation and meditation it helps in reducing the stress hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol is known to contribute to weight gain, especially fat around the abdominal area. Because yoga does not create a stressful environment, like say running or boot camp style exercising, your body doesn’t secrete cortisol like those exercises can cause. It also increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Which means your body secretes less of it. As this is another hormone that can contribute to weight gain, it’s another win win!




Your thoughts can slow right down. You can have the time to process thoughts. As you focus on your breathing and your poses you can become more aware of your body. Yoga is a great form of caring for yourself and making you more aware of what you are putting in your body! It can make you think twice about that cheeseburger and fries you’re tempted to buy as you drive past the drive thru! If you’re one of those people that tends to eat when stressed, this may really help.





Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to run a marathon every day for it to qualify as a good workout worthy of burning calories.  Depending on what type of yoga you do, you can burn 200 to 700 calories a session. This also depends on your starting weight. If you’ve never done it before, then starting with a beginner’s class is ideal. You can always up the ante as you get fitter and more flexible!


The fact is exercise and good food go hand in hand with losing weight and becoming healthy. So if you’re put off by gyms and ‘tough mudder’ type tortures, don’t despair. Yoga can be slower, yet intense enough to matter.

Check out great articles on yoga here and here!








I suggest you give it a go. It will help with relaxation, toning, strengthening and all over general flexibility! It can bring you back to the present moment which should be about caring for your body and maintaining health. Getting into this mindset, will help keep your eating habits healthy and  the benefits of losing weight are multiplied. You will be burn some calories and become more positive in yourself. As you become more conscious of your body and health in general, losing weight can follow!


Exercise does not have to be about lifting weights and sweating it out all the time. The thought of that makes me want to run in the other direction! If you hate exercise but you just know you got to find something, then this might be just right for you! 


Have you ever done yoga? Would you recommend it?






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  1. Yes, summer in Australia can be way too hot to even think about exercise! I have done Yoga in the past but never stayed with it, it’s definitely something I know will benefit me greatly, all the reasons you have listed in this post have confirmed that! I did do an 8 week course in Bikram yoga (very hot yoga) and it was over the very hot summer months, I committed to it to help me detox, stretch and lengthen ligaments and muscles. It absolutely worked and I lost around 5kg. Another brilliant post, thank you!

    1. Glad it worked for you. I can’t imagine doing Bikram yoga but I will start something less challenging! xx

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