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There is a lot to do and organise over Christmas, that often the efforts to lose weight go on the back-burner. That’s because it doesn’t come as naturally for the overweight and it requires a lot of focus. There’s only so much you can focus on and it’s just so much easier to not worry about avoiding the carbs, going to the gym, not eating junk food or whatever you find works for you.


So how about a different attitude, that will take all the stress out of worrying about weight gain this Christmas. Let’s not focus on avoiding anything. Let’s not focus on eating healthy or even focus on losing weight at all. How about you focus on simply NO weight gain this Christmas! Just keeping it level until all social commitments, and everything else you have to do, has gone back to normal. Let’s work with our human weakness of temptation of all yummy foods and just aim to focus on losing weight AFTER Christmas. Maybe even after New Year. Decide on when you’re going to get back to losing weight and stick to it. In the meantime follow my best 5 steps to keep you at your current weight (and not a gram more) until that date.





STEP 1  Work out YOUR daily calorie allowance

Get onto a calculator like this one and work out how many calories someone of your current weight and height needs to maintain weight. Actually get on the scales today and get an accurate figure and factor in the exercise level you are going to be doing over the next month. Now that you have a set number of daily calories to work with you can plan ahead to make sure there is no weight gain this Christmas.


Step 2 Make a list of ALL social engagements


Sit down with your diary or calendar and write out a list of every social event you’re invited to or anticipate. This should include everything from your work Christmas function, the kids end of year Christmas night, quick drinks with friends Christmas eve and the family BBQ on Boxing Day with Nanna. Add to the list as things come up. This will pretty much be the basis of how to plan your schedule AND your eating plan.


Step 3 Figure out what to wear!


I think it would be very beneficial that once you know when and where you have to be, you plan your wardrobe.  This does a couple of things.  It saves you time and more importantly can keep you motivated to not falling into overindulging bad habits. If you know you’re wearing your gorgeous silky blouse tomorrow night that is very close to gaping, you might just put down that 2nd slice of cake!


Work out what gorgeous outfits you will wear to each occasion and make sure they’re not too tight OR too loose! No elastic waistbands!! Make sure the clothes fit you properly and you look your absolute best. Invest in a stylist if you can, and buy several new pieces. You will look and feel amazing and that will help your attitude! See my post on why you should buy new clothes regardless of your weight here . If that sounds far too expensive, add some inexpensive jewellery, clutches and strappy sandals to what you currently own.  Even if they’re from K Mart, it will make all the difference to how you look and feel.


Plan your hair and makeup too. Looking fantastic will help make sure your attitude doesn’t become ‘f**k this’ and eat everything in sight! You will know what you’re wearing to your next event and be mindful of not ‘blowing out’ and you just might avoid weight gain this Christmas!


Step 4 Calorie is King

Now that you know your social calendar (more or less) and what you’re going to wear, you can anticipate the food and drinks on offer. If you’re going to Aunty Flo’s house for lunch the Sunday before Christmas and you know she is definitely going to serve cucumber sandwiches and her famous Christmas pudding, you can plan for it. 

Do your research. Get on calorie king and make some estimate calculations. Have a good idea on what everything is going to cost you and make sure you really want to ‘spend’ your calorie allowance on it. You can work out to have a tiny sliver of one thing to allow for a larger chunk of something else.


You can ring  caterers or a restaurant ahead and get an idea of foods available. Then do your research. You know which foods you absolutely love and the ones you can easily forego. Figure out calorie content and corresponding serving sizes. Then plan your day! There is nothing wrong with spreading 500 calories throughout the day and saving your 1500 remaining calories for that buffet at your work function. Remember this is just for the next few weeks of abundant socialising! You want to enjoy yourself AND avoid weight gain this Christmas!



Step 5 Focus on people NOT the food!


Remember that Christmas is a time to get together and celebrate the birth of Christ. It’s about socialising and having a good time whilst enjoying some very delicious food. It’s not about inhaling all the food you can whilst socialising!

Take the time at social events you’re invited to connect with people and get to know them better. At the Christmas work do and haven’t had a chance to really get to know the new girl? Well nows your chance. Christmas lunch with the outlaws you don’t see often? Take the opportunity to bond. Ok , I know it sounds warm and fuzzy but it just may work at keeping you from weight gain this Christmas!












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  1. Love your approach! It’s true, Christmas is about feeling fabulous and celebrating with family and friends, too much emphasis goes into shaming us about enjoying food at this time of year. I think maintaining rather than losing is the way to go. Going to give your calorie calculators a try 🙂

    1. Thanks Emma! I think calorie calculators are great.They help not feel guilty when I know I’m still within my calorie ‘limit’.

  2. Another great post!! I love the concept of concentrating on not gaining weight and worrying about weight loss once the holidays are over. I also love the suggestion about planning your outfits. Awesome advice 🙂

    1. Thanks! I think its important to just enjoy Christmas rather than focus on losing any weight! I think it would prove mission impossible for us tempted easily!

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