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We all know, to make sure you don’t  overeat, especially when it comes to trying to lose weight, keeping a bit an eye on the calories you consume is important.

The common message out there is, just eat a balanced diet and don’t obsess about the calories and the weight will just fall off. I disagree. The principle is sound but if you’re not sure how many calories there are in some foods, how can you even make a reasonable guestimate?

First of all you need to have a guide on how many calories you need to consume a day to maintain or lose weight. This can only really be a guide, because it will also depend on how active you are throughout the day and how much you weigh to begin with. A heavier person requires a greater consumption of calories to move and sustain themselves then a thinner person with the same activity levels.  This calculator here can help you figure it out before we get started.


I think we all generally know that stuff like a boiled egg or a piece of fruit are generally low in calories in comparison to processed food and good to eat even if trying to lose weight.But what about the food we know isn’t low in calories but still want to have some in our diet? If you’re the type of person who needs to eat a bit of everything so as  not to feel deprived then you can just about fit anything in your diet and still lose weight.

Here’s a list of favourites of mine (and maybe yours) that you can refer to when calculating whether you can have them or how much you can actually have and still lose weight.



lose weight



Now this comes in a litre tub and if you’ve been at the whole tub with a tablespoon you’re in trouble! Just 100g of this has approximately 256 calories. You could eat the whole tub and it would be over your daily allowance of calories, even if you didn’t eat another thing all day!

You could serve 10 people from this tub equally and you’d all get 256 calories. A big chunk of calories for not a lot of ice cream but if it satisfies that desire and keeps you on track, it may work for you.

M & Ms


lose weight

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I am the self confessed m & m addict so of course this is one of my favourite. Can I eat this and lose weight? No! I don’t stop at a small 49g packet which still has a whopping 240 calories in it! I can eat one of the 380g packets and I don’t want to even calculate those calories! But good luck to you if you can have a small packet instead. Again, a small amount of m&ms with still a decent chunk of calorie cost!



lose weight


This is definitely a childhood favourite! Well 25g, which is about 3-4 squares is worth 117 calories. If you can stop at that if you’ve got a whole block in front of you, you need a medal.



lose weight

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If you love your cheese and bikkies, then you are probably a fan of jatz biscuits. Well about 6 biscuits equals 119 calories. And depending what you’re topping on top of them and the wine you’re drinking, well I think it would be safe to say you could easily blow your calorie budget with these!



lose weight

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Camembert cheese is argghh! 114 calories for 1 wedge! While 100g of Brie equals 334 calories!!



lose weight

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Well how are you supposed to have cheese and bikkies with no wine??

A medium glass of your average white wine will cost you 109 calories!  I dare you to add up how many glasses you have PLUS how many bikkies with cheese!



You can easily look up a lot of foods and their calories here or alternatively have the book handy and choose wisely.

I hope this hasn’t depressed you all too much. The fact is if you’re trying to lose weight it’s probably because you have over indulged in some of these sort of foods/drink in the first place.  You have to be realistic.  If you’re serious about losing weight and getting healthier you have to change what you’ve been doing otherwise you’re going to weigh what you’ve always weighed!

Definitely have small bits of the above if you can fit it in with out blowing your calories or your motivation. But if you eat a whole block of Cadbury or spend an entire afternoon eating cheese and jatz and drinking wine with girlfriends don’t expect weight loss in any great hurry. Every now and then isn’t going to hurt but if you were eating these things every now and then you wouldn’t need to lose weight in the first place.

Unfortunately gaining weight is super easy and losing it is super hard, that’s just how we’re biologically designed. So we just need to accept that and work with what we know. The truth is you could eat all these foods and lose weight if you fit them in calorie wise. The problem is that, that can be difficult to do if, like me, you’re hard wired to finish everything in sight! But if you can stop at very small portions, by all means eat and enjoy them!




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    1. I love cheese sooo much, I have to only buy it every now and then otherwise I eat the lot!

  1. This is def. an article I needed to read. I am guilty of sitting down for a glass of wine and the next thing I know the bottle is gone. Great Read!

  2. I think learning moderation is key to weight loss, or at least it was for me. But I had to go through a period where I didn’t eat any sweets for awhile first. This helped adjust my taste buds and made learning moderation much easier. Now when I have sweets it’s easier to stop after a little because now they taste too damn sweet!

    1. Things definitely taste sickly sweet if you’ve gone a while without sweet foods!

  3. Another great post! I love being able to calculate how many calories I need. I love cheese and biscuits, I had no idea that there were that many calories in camembert and brie!! 😮

    1. I know, its just devastating! lol I consider cheese healthy, but it really just needs to be small portions, whatever that is!

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