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I was always  the person that would not buy new clothes till I lost weight. I never lost weight for years and years. And for years and years I only bought clothes when I absolutely had to. Often I would have to buy work pants or jeans as my current pair got tighter and tighter. Usually the inner thigh seam would wear and fray until I had no choice.


Shirt buttons would strain under the pressure as my boobs got bigger and again I had no choice but to go up a size. It occurred to me I bought clothes because I had to and this was always a very depressing experience. There was no joy in going up a size and having to buy out of necessity.


After I did lose weight, I began to buy new clothes. But again it was out of necessity. My shirts became baggy, my pants saggy and I had to. I was beginning to look shapeless and it was as if I was a child wearing hand me downs that didn’t fit properly yet.

The problem was I still wasn’t happy with my weight and still didn’t want to buy clothes. Sure it was better going down in sizes but I still didn’t feel ‘perfect’. And that really is the problem. When are you ever going to feel perfect? Don’t know about you but I can tell you. At a size 10 I still wasn’t happy enough to go look for a wedding dress! (when I was getting married second time round). When I was a size 20, I definitely didn’t want to buy new clothes either! I was everything in between a 10 and a 20 and at no time was I happy to buy new clothes.

One day, I just went ‘f**k it’ I’m going shopping! I bought about 5 things 2 different cardis, a jumper, a skirt and a pair of shoes for under $200 and I felt a million bucks! I was still overweight BUT I had some nice new clothes that fit properly!

All this hesitation in buying clothes is so wrong it’s not funny.  Whatever stage you are at it doesn’t matter. Whether you’ve lost weight, in the process of losing weight, gaining weight,  just had a baby whatever , it doesn’t matter. Buying clothes should not be viewed as a ‘treat’ or ‘reward’ and not buying clothes a ‘punishment’. Clothing is not a luxury!

Here are 3 very good reasons why you need to go out and buy new clothes now!




buy new clothes



We don’t buy clothes and expect them to keep them forever do we? It is perfectly acceptable to buy a few new pieces every season or a complete new outfit  for a special occasion. Even if you were a size 10 now and went out and bought a whole new wardrobe, would you never buy clothes again? Of course not! Parents don’t not buy their babies clothing because they are going to grow out of it in a few months! Newsflash! Adults change shape and size all the time too!

Also stop using the excuse about money. There are a lot of very cheap clothes out there designed to last a season or two. So buy them! Right now I am looking at catalogues that come in the mail with great looking cheap clothes in many larger sizes! For around $100 you could buy yourself 3 or 4 pieces that already go with clothes you have!

buy new clothes



Reason 2 is clothes make you feel a certain way. How would you like to feel today? Compare how you feel in your tracky dacks in front of the tv and the nice outfit you put on to go to a friend’s birthday dinner? That’s another great reason to buy new clothes now. They will lift your mood and that is always a good thing.

Buying new clothes regularly will keep you motivated and inspired to look your best. Let’s put it this way, I am more inclined to pig out on chocolate wearing my stained leggings than a nice pair of pants! Wearing the same too tight clothing or baggy daggy stuff doesn’t do you any favours! It brings you down and keeps you there. Even if you love living in tracky pants, go out and buy 5 new ones in different colours! It will make you feel so much better!



We have to stop living for tomorrow! Today is the only day anyone really has! Do your best, say your best and look your best TODAY! Clothes tell people what you think of yourself and how you are feeling. Buy new clothes for the person you are today not what size you want to be in the future!

So who are you going to be today? Miss ‘I’m too fat to have nice clothes’ and hang around in your huge shapeless clothes or go out there and wear something fresh that yells ‘I rock’. I look at it this way. You can’t really hide being overweight, so are you going to look like a frumpy overweight woman who can’t be bothered, or are you going to look like a voluptuous woman with style who obviously puts effort into herself?  If you look frumpy you’re going to feel frumpy, if you look put together you’re going to feel put together and it’s going to show!

Now go shopping! If you feel you need a hand with sorting your current wardrobe check out this great post here.





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  1. So true! I spent 18 months feeling horrible because I refused to buy anything other than a couple of nasty Kmart pieces when I put on a heap of weight and it was pointless. I’ve realised that I take better care of myself when I feel good, so deliberately punishing/depriving myself achieved the opposite of what I actually needed!

    1. Nice new clothes, no matter the size are bound to make you always feel better xx

  2. This makes me want to go out and buy new clothes NOW! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in really accessorizing and buying things that aren’t so “plain.” Maybe I’ll take a half day today and do just that!

    1. Its ok to want to improve ourselves, but we still have to love the journey of who we are too xx

    1. I was the same until I would see some overweight women looking really gorgeous in beautiful clothes! And I thought, well I can still be overweight AND look nice. It doesn’t have to be an either/or!

        1. Confidence and personality will shine through when you’re dressing better and feeling better about yourself xx

  3. So true. Most women are never really happy with their bodies. I make dance costumes for flamenco dancers. One of the things I love about flamenco is that there is room for all shapes, sizes and ages of dancers so I’ve made outfits for pretty much every figure you can imagine.
    There is literally nobody who isn’t self conscious about some part of their body, even the girls everybody else envies.
    It’s always just a matter of finding an outfit that emphasizes what’s beautiful. There is always something. So, yes, go buy something pretty now.

    1. I love watching flamenco dancers, their costumes are gorgeous! You’re right about everyone having a part of their body they don’t like but there are so many beautiful clothes to choose from to make us feel great!

  4. Totally agree! You can love your body whilst wanting to improve it 🙂 Besides, nice clothes can give us so much more confidence! Great post 🙂 x

  5. I am so guilty of not allowing myself to buy new clothes, often because I say “I’m not buying anything until I reach xxx weight”. It’s so rubbish! We should buy clothes to feel great every day, regardless! <3 Thank you for sharing. Love the blog!

    1. Thank You Keeley. I’m guilty of wearing my ‘active wear’ everyday so I’ve just made sure they’re new and fresh and not so daggy! Totally makes a difference to how I feel xx

  6. I completely agree! We must first become comfortable in the skin were in to actually make changes, both internally and externally. It’s amazing how a new outfit can get you feeling better which can get you motivated.


    1. Law of attraction, I suppose. If you look daggy and feel daggy, you’re not going to be that excited about life.

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