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If you hate the gym and exercise in general, will a pedometer help you lose weight?  I believe it will become your best friend! It’s no secret that exercising will help you lose weight faster but most of us still struggle to get motivated to do it every day!

First of all, let’s recap what’s needed to lose weight.  Burning more calories than you consume is one of the important things to consider when you’re trying to lose weight.  Note, I said ‘one of’.  I don’t believe it is the only important thing to focus on. You can read more here, here and here in my posts about what you should eat.

The fact remains you burn calories regardless of what exercise you are or aren’t doing. Your body burns calories purely by just being alive.  Also another thing to remember is the more you weigh the more calories your body burns. (It takes more energy to move around at 90kgs as opposed to 60kg).




You walk as a part of your everyday life!  Think about it. You walk to the letter box, you walk outside to hang up the washing, and you walk to the bathroom!  Its part of everyday living unlike, riding a bike, doing a Zumba class or running a marathon. Everyone walks, not everyone has the passion for those other activities.  Read here on why walking is the only exercise you really need!

A pedometer will help you keep track of your walking (in steps) and how many calories you burn!

Depending on the brand of pedometer you have, most of them will have an app or programme you can log into where you can record your current weight, height and goals.


Remember, 10000 steps is the magic number for burning around 500 calories depending on your starting weight. And you need to burn at least 500 calories MORE than you eat to lose roughly a kilo a week! The fact is if you do fewer steps you just lose at a slower rate. So what? The time is passing anyway! Do what feels right for you, aim for what keeps you on the straight and narrow.


I’ve worn my pedometer at home all day to just watch how many steps I do in average household stuff including walking to the car (in the car port) to get kids to and from school and writing this blog. The fact is I don’t clock up all that much!  Probably about 3000 steps. If I feel energetic I might go for a walk or jump on the treadmill to get a few more steps. Read more here on easy ways to up those steps.  If I can’t be bothered I keep an eye on my calorie burning (with the pedometer) and make sure I eat less than that.  I will still lose weight and I won’t feel bad if I didn’t get more steps!

If it’s a day I’m working (my other job) which isn’t a sit down job I definitely have close to and sometimes way over 10000 steps! I’m happy not to think about exercise those days!




will a pedometer help you lose weight

Which pedometer you chose will depend on your own personal preferences. There are so many out there now.  I wear a Garmin which I find great. The main reason being I don’t have to charge it every night! (It has a 12 month battery). I have to admit I don’t religiously log on to the app every day because I get what I need by just looking at it all the time! Some people will like the long-term goal setting thing but I just prefer to work at a day by day scenario!

And while I believe you can lose weight without gadgets, this is one I find really helpful to take the guess-work out of this hard stuff.  I can go about my day not having to add how much exercise I’ve done or how many calories I’ve burned. I know some apps you can even record what you ate for the day to work out the calories in and out! So it’s a definite yes!  I believe a pedometer can help you lose weight and become your best friend.  (You just have to make sure it coördinates with what you’re wearing!)






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  1. I have a fitbit and I love it! It does actually help me get up moving more. I set my main goal to calories burned instead of steps as this is more important to me. But I still also watch my steps and make sure to go for a walk when I am extra low. 10,000 is a lot for me so I like to push for 5000 to 7000 a day mixed with a good workout.

  2. I have a Fitbit charge HR and love it. I like to see when I get my heart rate up and love doing the challenges with my friends! A Fitbit won’t make you lose weight by itself, but it sure did get me moving more!


    1. I agree. The simple fact of keeping track means you become more aware and then consciously move more.

  3. Great post! Pedometers can be such great motivation for some people, my mum uses a fitbit in particular and loves it 🙂 I think it’s also great to give you a feel of how much activity is needed everyday to get you to your goals! x

  4. Hey indeed walking is the best workout for losing weight, In fact when you are way overweight it is difficult to do any other exercise other than walking. I lost my first 20 kgs only by walking and pedometer definitely helps in pushing you to go for that daily step target of 10000 steps.

    1. You’re right Ajay. I wouldn’t have been able to do other exercise either.

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