Are You Taking Weight Loss Advice From Someone Who Has Never NEEDED To Lose Weight?



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Are you taking weight loss advice from people who have never been overweight? Don’t get me wrong about people like Michelle Bridges.  She obviously has an athletic body but what would she know about being obese and needing to shed many many kilos?  Clearly she understands how to maintain her body but is that enough for the rest of us?


It really grinds my gears when overweight people perceive others as ‘experts’ in a field, when the truth of the matter is they probably have no frigging idea  whatsoever!  We look up to these people, buy their books, and watch their shows believing everything that comes out of their mouths.  Would you take advice from Donald Trump or Paris Hilton on how to live frugally? When were they poor? Get my drift?



Michelle Bridges & Tiffiny Hall Fat?



Have you stopped to think about these people you might be influenced by?  I’m a believer of taking weight loss advice from people who have walked the journey.  The journey they’re preaching about!  If you’re 120kg and have been overweight since you were a child, how the heck would someone like Michelle Bridges or Tiffiny Hall be able to advise you?


That’s Michelle Bridges and Tiffiny Hall  on The Biggest Loser last year HERE when they put on weight after eating the diet the contestants were eating.  It makes me laugh!  Look at their faces!  How many of you would love to step on the scales and see those numbers??  I know I would!


michelle bridges & tiffiny hall books


And then there’s the books!  Check the one from Tiffiny Hall?  Really?  The weight loss warrior? When has she had a “battle within”? I think it makes a mockery of obese people.


Now granted, not everyone is extremely overweight or obese but may still need to lose some weight for best health.  Well, in response to that I would say the likes of Michelle Bridges and Tiffiny Hall should stick to marketing to people who have less than 10 kilos to lose.

 Why are they associating themselves with people who weigh over 100kgs?  These trainers have never ever had to deal with the trials and tribulations the contestants on the show or anyone else who is morbidly obese have. How could they possibly give effective weight loss advice?


Nothing A Good Session Or 2 In The Loo Can’t Fix!



weight loss advice
image STUDIO 10




It’s a joke that a celebrity trainer took this pic.  Sure it does look bloated compared to her regular six-pack…….so??  A couple of good sessions in the loo and she’s probably back to where she started.  Is she more interested in gaining sympathy then helping obese people?

 Do you think that an obese woman is going to see these pictures and feel sorry for you?  Or that she’s going to feel motivated to getting healthy?  I think it shows a rather self-centred narcissistic view.  If these trainers are so upset with  bloated bellies and putting on a few kilos how the hell are the rest of us supposed to feel about our bodies?

Why do they seem so caught up in the couple of kilos they’ve put on when they are so good in giving weight loss advice to people who need to lose 30 or more kilos? 


Why should we bother?  What sort of messages are they sending to people?  Did their BMI even change? (find your BMI here)


Moral Of The Story


weight loss advice




Moral of the story people, is don’t get too side tracked with following weight loss advice from people who haven’t done it before!  Be selective and don’t fall in love with the brands and marketing that work so well.  I would love to see a trainer/weight loss guru who has lost huge amounts of weight (at least 20kg if not more!) and more importantly, kept it off!!


When I become a 50kg ninja and need advice on how to keep up my 6 pack I’ll look up Tiffiny.  When I become a 60kg personal trainer, needing advice about losing baby weight in my forties I’ll look up Michelle!


In the meantime, is Richard Simmons the only ‘guru’ who has lost tons of weight and kept it off?? Maybe I should look him up!









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  1. I agree for the most part. However, with proper education (like a degree or certification) a person can educate others how to loose weight properly. If the person is quite fit but has a certification or health degree, I feel more assured that I know what they are talking about.
    I lost 80 lbs 6 years ago but I wouldn’t recommend others how I lost the weight today. I lost the weight with a low carb and low calorie diet (not the best). I gained 20 of those lbs back over a year ago. I became vegan in 2015 and lost that and MORE since August! I would recommend the plant based diet to anyone to achieve weight loss and optimal health. 🙂

    1. Thanks for that Heidi. You’re right, a qualification is definitely reassuring that someone has some expert knowledge in the area.
      Congrats on your weight loss. Its interesting to hear you’ve had success with a vegan diet. Its not one I’ve given much thought to as I get caught up with focussing on protein (meat). I should look into that a bit more and give it a go.

  2. I think Joe Cross, you know the guy from the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a good person to look up to who lost a ton of weight and improved his health drastically. I understand what you’re saying. There’s a lot of people in the world giving out, even charging lots of money, for advice on things they’ve never experienced themselves. I would say they are still capable of helping people be fit though, but I wouldn’t look to them for moral support or counseling!

    1. Joe is definitely inspirational, I agree. Thanks for commenting. I guess we are all different and what works for some doesn’t work for others. I think if you’re going to have a tough attitude to train and advise people, it would definitely help if you had the experience to go with it xx

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