How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?



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  • Once a week?
  • Everyday?
  • Every now and then?
  • Never?


Why Get On The Scales At All?

Before you get on the scales next, I want you to ask yourself why?

  • Why are you about to strip off to your birthday suit and get on the scales?
  • What are you hoping to do?
  • Are you able to accept whatever the number will be?

When you can answer these questions honestly, you can decide how often

to weigh yourself.


Are You:


  • Trying to lose weight?
  • Attempting to maintain weight? (notice I said ‘attempt’)
  • Trying to put on weight? (I hate you btw)


What Google Says You Should Do:

My extensive google search tells me that research has been done that shows that people who weigh themselves everyday tend to stay on track with their weight loss efforts better than people who weigh themselves weekly or less often. The idea being, you can improve things if you keep a closer eye on them.There are different schools of thought of course, depending on who you’re talking to but the general consensus seems to be that weekly is better for your self-esteem.


Daily Pros & Cons:


Apparently the cons of weighing yourself daily include giving your self-esteem a battering because it doesn’t take into consideration fluctuations such as fluid retention, menstrual cycle etc. My argument is who friggin cares? If my gut is too big and I can’t do up my jeans does it really matter if it’s fat or fluid? I still would need to lose ‘weight’ to do that top button up!

Now if it’s fluid, it will just be easier than if it’s fat!  Mentally, you make yourself feel better by thinking you’re bloated because you’re due your period and not you’ve eaten everything in sight and have actually put on fat! Your self-esteem, therefore gets a beating because you might put on ‘weight’ but it might be just fluid!

It sounds dumb to me! It only counts if it’s fat? Again, if I can’t do my jeans up, I can’t do my jeans up!

If you’re prone to suicidal ideation every time you step on the scales , daily weigh ins might not be for you. If you grow a pair, it might be a good way of making sure you don’t eat that huge chocolate muffin before bed, when you know you’ll be weighing yourself tomorrow not next Monday!


Weekly Pros & Cons:


Weighing yourself weekly means you can get on with life without being focussed on your weight, food and exercise every day.  Get a plan, stick to the plan and weigh yourselfevery Monday morning naked and after you’ve been to the loo.

If you do have an indulgent dessert one night it wont be a big deal cause you’re not weighing yourself in the morning.  You can do a little extra exercise by weigh in day to make up for it. There is more flexibility in this approach.


What Should YOU Be Doing?


correct way to weigh yourself


Weigh yourself according to your personality and weight goals.  If you haven’t made a real commitment to lose weight (and you’re not happy with how you look) don’t get on those scales! If the idea is to lose weight, then every time you get on the scales you should be happy with ANY loss and not be heart-broken with little gains (under a kilo) every now and then.

If the idea is to maintain weight then a little up and down is ok.  Determine your ‘buffer’ zone, let’s say between 60-63 kg (I wish) and stick to that. You know if you get to 63kg it might be time to rein it in a little.

Figure out what puts you in a good and positive frame of mind.  If that’s every day, so be it. If it’s every week, fine.  If it’s now and then just to check and that works foryou, great!


Do Weigh Yourself When:

  • You know you are overweight and have made a commitment to get healthy!

You will need a baseline to watch your progress.

  • You wont be discouraged by minimal loss, no loss or even gain!
  • Are aware it’s only a guide to tell you how your efforts are progressing

You know if it’s not working, you need to re tweak your diet or exercise

NOT do a Maccas run!


Sooooooooo? (‘Step Brothers’ Moment)


At the end of the day remember, it’s what you think of yourself that matters. Having said that, being healthy is always going to make you feel better so aim high and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t!










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  1. I love the little cartoon picture you included very funny !!!

    Generally speaking I dont ever weight myself but with a big trip to Europe and an intense cleansing and eating program in place, I have been doing it once a week in the morning. I’m told morning is the best time to weight yourself after everything has digested and had a good night sleep.

    Sammy from Unzipped Fashion Source

    1. Enjoy your European trip, but if it was me I’d probably be breaking the scales when I got back!

  2. Great post! I lost about 60 pounds and now live a healthy active lifestyle. I used to weigh myself often and attempt to ‘analyze’ each change, but now I don’t weigh myself and instead focus on my actions each day and how I feel from the inside out. It helps me to be really in tune with my body and stay healthy.

    1. That sounds great Katie. I’ve often thought I should chuck my scales out! Good on you for doing without them xx

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